Hawaii promoters Jonny Mack and Mike Galmiche know [about venue limitations] all too well.

"We weren't allowed to do certain things that the artist wanted, like certain pyro, different types of special effects," Galmiche said.

The next best option: Aloha Stadium.

"Everything happens for a reason, and we were blessed where we reached out to Aloha Stadium because nobody's really done an event there because we needed someone to handle a capacity of that grandeur," Mack said.

Though Mack and Galmiche said they'd like to believe they set a trend for globally renowned artists choosing to perform at Aloha Stadium again, all they can really take credit for is being among the first to take that leap of faith.

“I don’t think we’d ever know, but what we do know is we’re the first ones to take the risk of going back to the stadium,” Mack said. “I think that potentially gave rise for other vendors — like Live Nation, and big corporate entities — to say, you know what, the stadium is a viable venue again. I think we did open that door.”

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